Bramy Ogrodzenia metalowe kute Lidzbark Poland

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Tomar Elementy stalowe kute do bram i ogrodzeń

Ogrodzenia metalowe kute meble metalowe kute
XXX Lecia 4,
11-100 Lidzbark
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Phone 89767 ...

11 years in business

Company description Tomar Elementy stalowe kute do bram i ogrodzeń Lidzbark:

<span>TOMAR Company is a leader in the Polish market for the production of artistic blacksmithing and metalwork. <br> We manufacture metal furniture and metal forged wrought iron fences. <br> We offer forged metal furniture you will find: <br> Forged metal beds with low and high front in sizes: <br> 90x200 <br> 120x200 <br> 140x200 <br> 160x200 <br> 180x200 <br> Sofas <br> Cabinets <br> Tables, <br> seats <br> dressing <br> chairs <br> Bean Bags <br> Outdoor Furniture <br> The furniture is solid and stable, made ​​of high quality steel, of tubular and solid rods and decorative elements. <br> Furniture powder are available in the color black and white. <br> Furniture in black also cover the patina of the colors: <br> old gold <br> old silver <br> hammered copper. <br> The furniture is new, originally packed, covered. <br><br> We offer forged metal fences have: <br> Metal gates wrought: Sliding and swing <br> forged wickets <br> Wrought iron railings for balconies and stairs <br> Fence bays <br> window lattices <br> balcony canopies <br> Our fences are sturdy, made ​​from high-solid steel, with hollow spaces or brackets. Fencing is Realized in a variety of colors, patterns. We protect against corrosion by galvanizing. The paint special paint for metal, paint powder. <br> Metal enclosures are becoming popular because they have a very long life, are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, after galvanizing. <br> Careful workmanship and attractive design make the "TOMAR" is a well known and respected brand. <br> Our products are popular both at home and abroad. <br></span> <br>

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Name: Tomar Elementy stalowe kute do bram i ogrodzeń
Street: XXX Lecia 4
Postal code, city: 11-100, Lidzbark
Province: warmińsko-mazurskie
Country: Poland
Phone: 89767 ...
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